BC-TECH customers can rely on high-level, consistent quality and guaranteed on time delivery.
This consistent quality is a result of careful control throughout the production process while a guaranteed on-time delivery is due to our long-term partnerships with selected suppliers. BC-TECH subjects every product to an oil pressure test, a helium tightness test, a microscopic inspection and an insulation resistance measurement. Every individual part is also checked several times by specially trained, independent quality control personnel. The results are verified against material certificates and layer thickness protocols.

Swiss Made

‘Swiss Made’ is a manufacturing and quality certification for products made in Switzerland. BC-TECH is proud of this certification. The company is committed to manufacturing in Switzerland and produces high-quality glass-to-metal feedthroughs entirely in Switzerland.


BC-TECH is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. The corresponding certificates confirm that BC-TECH employs a high-level quality and environment management system.