BC-TECH develops and manufactures glass-to-metal feedthroughs that are used whenever high-accuracy measurement is required – from gas and oil production to aerospace. BC-TECH is a Swiss company with all the values you would expect from a Swiss business. Our priority is always quality – whether in development and production or in the way we conduct our business and collaborate with our customers.

Glass-to-metal Feedthroughs

Simply put, glass-to-metal feedthroughs are made up of a metallic casing, a glass insulation and one or more internal conductors which are combined to produce a hermetically sealed feedthrough. BC-TECH’s models are based on this technology. BC-TECH uses this to develop individualized products that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements and application areas needed by the client. Our promise to always offer the best solution never changes.


A Step into the Future

BC-TECH is in the process of building new premises at the Vial Industrial Park in Domat/Ems, Grisons, Switzerland, near to where an important BC-TECH supplier, Rätia Mechanik AG, is also located. This further ensures that synergies are a given. By expanding the workspace, BC-Tech is able to commit to an even greater emphasis on product […]