Where Art Meets Industrialism

BC-TECH AG is opening its doors to young artists, encouraging them to give their creativity free reign. The company is collaborating with the Vögele Kultur Zentrum (Pfäffikon SZ) to create a space where art and industrialism can meet and serve as inspiration for one another.

A selection of plain concrete walls throughout BC-TECH AG’s expansive newly constructed building in the Vial industrial complex will serve as a canvas for three artists to let their visions come to life. The works that will cover the walls will hopefully serve as inspiration and occasional distraction for the workers of BC-TECH AG as well as any company visitors and encourage everyone who passes them to take a moment to consider the joys of contemporary art.

Equally, the three artists will be exposed to glimpses of the daily life and production circuit of a high-tech company. The project aims to bridge the gap between art and industrialism and highlight how, despite their obvious differences, they are not entirely separate nor quite as distinct after all. At the heart of both disciplines is craftmanship, innovation, and using materials as both inspiration and a vessel for creation.

The artists: Abigail Janjic, Mathias Lüscher, Markus B. Komminoth

For more information on the project, please visit www.voegelekultur.ch/kunst-entsteht-in-domat-ems.